Parental Coaching: A Solution, Not An Intrusion!

Parental Coaching

Are you a devoted, hard-working Mom who gets exhausted from trying to do everything right for her family?

Yes, I was!  which made me a stressed mom with complicated relations with my three kids. On top of that, I always had a challenge to defend my choice, in front of this crucial society, for quitting my job to be a fulltime Mom and still follow my passion. It was a tough choice, yet, let me say that I am so grateful I have done it, thanks to my coach who enlightened me by making me believe in myself, grow my confidence and empowered me by saying: “It is a matter of changing perspectives and learning how to listen without judging, to understand who you are and love yourself.”

So, if I am asked now: “Why do you choose coaching?” I would reply that it is the satisfaction and fulfilment I get each time I find the answers within me. It is the secret, the potion to confidence. How many times you must have heard: “if I were in your shoes….” or “you need to do it this way …” and other advice & calls for action always coming from loved ones, people who surely cared about you, yet, they are not you!

Coaching provided me with many tangible and intangible benefits. The most impressive ones are the intangible ones, as it increased my self-confidence, improved my level of communication and listening skills, which resulted in better relationships and a deeper tapping into myself.

When you explore the coaching journey, you will understand the personalized process that provides clarity on what success would look like, how to discover and set your goals while understanding the obstacles and barriers that get in the way, and build your action plan through specific steps that will lead to a positive outcome.

This journey is simply driven by adopting the method of active listening and powerful questioning. You will then understand why I call it my “Life Changer”. Primarily, it affected me as a person and as a woman who wants to thrive in her life. My dream is no more just a dream; it became a goal that is no longer hard to reach.

Second – and as a mom, coaching was the added value to my relationship with my family. My engagement shifted from basic parenting to a relationship with a deeper level of loving, cherishing, and understanding of my three adolescents. Everything about me has changed!

I must admit that It’s becoming increasingly difficult to lead effectively in today’s complex world and – at the same time – be the perfect parent you aim to be. Not to overlook the fact that today’s generation is open to multiple cultures, knowledge, and information due to their wider exposure – which is creating a challenging environment within our homes. On top of that, passing our values and culture to them remains our duty, but don’t you think we are looking for further than this? We are searching to stick more to our values because we are afraid of losing them. Teaching those values is not becoming an easy job, knowing that Adolescents are rebellious, self-oriented, and hard to convince in their nature.

Subsequently, the result of such a complex relationship – combining all these angles – is definitely stressful, and even sometimes deceitful for the parent as well as the child.

Screaming, punishing, arguing, etc … belong to the old-fashioned school of parenting, and do not form part of the answer you are looking for to have a smooth parenting value. Keeping in mind that you are the role model for your child will give you the opportunity to become his/ her coach.


My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it” by Clarence Budinton Kelland.


What we believe about our parenting has a direct impact on our family life. We manifest our beliefs to create a reality we want to believe we live in. We can enhance our parenting and engage in a better life.

Where did you learn to be a parent? Is it the best you can give to your child? If you don’t have firm affirmative answers, why not check around and discover the benefits of parental coaching? It can be a life changer to your family too.            

Numerous studies have shown that parents who consistently use coaching skills in their daily interactions have greater and deeper relationships with their kids. Children grow up to be healthier, happier, with higher levels of self-esteem. If you decide to get engaged with parental coaching, you won’t learn how to be the “perfect parent”, but you will learn how to make the most of these precious child-rearing years by working on how to be the best version of yourself, because your life is a lot more than a to-do-list.

You will learn to use questions instead of telling them. You will learn how to find out what is really going on with them. You will learn to listen to their unspoken words. You will notice their moods and feelings, and acknowledge them. Finally – and most importantly – you will make your child feel felt, seen, and understood.

By learning to do so, you – as a parent – will be giving birth to a non-judgemental relationship with your child. Your parenting mindset will evolve and project a better you on your children.

Do you feel a disconnection between the mom you are and the mom you want to be? Does your life seems to be holding up together from the outside, but on the inside, you are struggling? Parental coaching is your answer to discover more about yourself and how to get over your barriers, which will help you reflect positively on your children and raise better, stronger family bonds.


By, Zeina Barakat, Parental Empowerment & Life Coach

Embrace the Empowerment