On the Road with the New Quester

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The new Quester

The highlight of my year has to be my adventure in Bahrain with UD Trucks driving the driver friendly New Quester, the most rugged and reliable heavy-duty truck on the road today.

After a briefing at the Bahrain International Circuit on the bestselling points of the vehicle like the fuel efficiency, productivity and connectivity, we moved on to learning the new features of the truck, such as ESCOT (Easy Safe Controlled Transmission) and UD Telematics.

Driving the truck was comfortable and seamless as expected. Built on proven robustness and reliability, New Quester introduces key features such as the automated manual transmission, engines with higher horsepower and user-friendly telematics to deliver greater efficiency, safety and uptime.

The New Quester pays homage to the strong Japanese heritage and craftsmanship plus UD Trucks Volvo Group’s innovative technology. This was evident in the comfortable and easy drive down the tracks.

For business owners and logistics companies, the best New Quester aims to boost productivity and profitability using ESCOT which includes software that optimizes gear shifting according to the engine revs, vehicle speed, loading weight and even road gradient.

The smart system in Quester also includes a sensor that will select the optimum gear automatically instead of assuming a first gear selection. Another positive aspect is that the New Quester’s enhanced fuel performance helps curb fuel consumption and meets environmentally-friendly regulations in relation to emissions quality standards, effectively reducing the new model’s overall carbon footprint.

A game changer in the transportation business, the New Quester enables drivers to easily adapt to operating it and provides better focus on driving with ease. By making driving simple, the New Quester also helps businesses expand the pool of driving talent with an easy-to-operate gear lever that uses a straight shifting pattern.

The drivability certainly also attracts females like me to enjoy driving the Quester and encourages others to pursue truck driving as a career. The New Quester increases safety for drivers with features that focus on increasing drivers’ comfort levels and reducing driver fatigue.

From my drive experience, it is clear that UD Trucks is committed to go the extra mile for smart logistics and mobility with the most dependable tailor-made solutions for customers.


By, Shereen Shabnam, Editor In Chief, Executive Women

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