Nicole Eid Mallah

Founder of Nutriform Clinic, Nicole Eid Mallah is a Masters Degree holder in Clinical Nutrition, and works together with a highly-skilled physiotherapist, to customize your diet and fashion your shape. Our growing list of satisfied clients frequently report increased energy, firmer skin, a more youthful appearance, better overall health and a happier life.

She created her Clinic to help people take charge of their health and shape, through personalized care, revolutionary technology and sophisticated dietetics. Keeping it cost-effective, Nicole adheres to a holistic, whole-body approach that is guaranteed to revitalize her patient’s life through tailored and scientific programs, which support a unique biochemistry and complement needs, lifestyle and tastes.

Based on leading research and practical experience, she has formulated an exclusive and all-inclusive program that sculpts you into the best possible shape and health in just two months ! Because your wellbeing is her main concern,

Embrace the Empowerment