Nena Abou Atme – Entrepreneur & Accredited Certified Trainer

Certified Trainer

Nena has been an entrepreneur for more than 17 years. She has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (NDU) and is an international accredited certified trainer, public and keynote speaker.

Starting out her career in Lebanon as an executive assistant at Intertectra, Nena moved to handle the sales promotion department two years later, becoming one of the key people involved in the expansion of the company in the whole MENA region for Rainbow international.

Few years later, she moved to France and started her own business with her husband as distributors for the same organization, then relocated to Canada.

Five years later, Nena moved back to Lebanon and launched a new company with her husband as a managing partner for Soda Fresh.

Ultimately, she felt that she needed to invest and share her experience, especially with women and youth. What triggered her passion was witnessing how women underestimate themselves because of inherited myths and old misconceptions.

“I am on a mission to empower women and youths to get rid of the old myths and misconceptions that we live by. These misconceptions are holding our potential, limiting our beliefs, and growing the guilt seed planted inside of us women, making us believe that we always have to be the ones giving up on their dreams, rights and freedom in order to be qualified as good mothers, wives or employees”.

Nena then became an accredited trainer and started training women on how to set their goals, believe in themselves and overcome all obstacles by creating the right mindset using a process called Rapid Planning Method including work/life balance. She is currently the only one in Lebanon and in the region who provides this kind of training of Anthony Robbins tailored to adapt to our region’s culture.

The process is considered a key to success on a personal, educational, professional and organizational level. Goal Setting skill is integrated into many American schools and universities, as it is a must for the success of any career, business, and organization. This process is facilitated with individuals, groups, organizations, universities (AUB-LAU and others), European Union and Rotary, operating mostly with CEOs and managing directors. 

Nena is a regular guest speaker on TVs, radios, conferences, and events. She’s also a panelist and jury in public speaking contests especially on topics like empowering women and youth.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.-Abraham Lincoln 


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