Nadine W. Njeim: NeuroMarketing Consultant and Startup Mentor

NeuroMarketing Consultant and Startup Mentor


Nadine is an Entrepreneur with extensive experience in fashion commercialisation and marketing consulting. During her tenure in the digital marketing practice Microbits as a Managing Partner, she grew the company to 400 global clients and 35 employees in Beirut and Dubai. She also established a direct partnership with Facebook and Google. This expertise allowed her to give sold-out workshops to marketing executives and aspiring individuals in the Middle East.

As former Chief Marketing Officer of Designer-24 Holding, sustainability was a passion and a reason to grow the company as she dug deeper into user needs and worked on propelling a tech fashion eco-system through design-led innovation. Nadine had put the company on an accelerated growth trajectory, continuously inspiring her diverse and robust team towards a joint mission: transforming the philosophy of dressing and revolutionising fashion tech in the region. With the approach of a strategic consultant and the foresight of an entrepreneur, Nadine took every step towards unfolding worldwide success for Designer-24.

Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s degree from Harvard University in Management with two certificates in Strategic Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In addition, she proudly serves as a board member of LAU Innovate, the Lebanese American University’s innovation, where she mentors startups and advises on marketing and communications.

She is also investing time in setting up her Meta-Marketing consultancy firm, which advises brands on how to market themselves within the Metaverse, understand consumer behavior online, and set strategies in order to serve the brand’s best interest.

With a multidisciplinary personal experience and a unique strong, fair, realistic, authentic and transparent character, Nadine is a smart advocate of women empowerment, and special source of inspiration for women at all ages and in all communities.

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