Nada Mallah Boustani


Prof. Nada Mallah Boustani is a President and co-founder of AXISSED, a board member in several business groups and NGOs in Lebanon and EMENA region, and an affiliated professor in international research centers (LEFMI- France and CERNAS Polytechnic Institute-Portugal). She graduated from the University of Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France with a Ph.D. in business finance with High Distinction for her research on the feasibility of infrastructure projects in Lebanon. Prior to her Ph.D., she graduated with honors from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon with a master’s in industrial management and commerce and a Master’s in finance, and she has been lecturing at USJ ever since.

This passionate businesswoman expanded her inspirational experience by holding many positions in the academia fields at diverse universities in Lebanon and visiting professors in Lille-France. Also, she is a faculty member in Jesuit Worldwide Learning – Higher Education at the Margins (USA) where, as an instructor, her objective is to offer knowledge and learning to the most vulnerable while taking full care and respect for their dignity, and freedom (Cura personalis). In addition to that, she is a reviewer for many international peer-reviewed journals, the chair or co-chair and on committees of different international conferences as well as a member of two Scientific journal editorial boards.

Today, after 22 years of dedication to her career, this passionate lady built a valuable experience in the academic, research, sustainable and economic development fields. Prof. Mallah Boustani, is the president and co-founder of an NGO “Association of Excellence for Innovation Studies, Sustainability & Economic Development AXISSED”, an organization that relies and counts on Lebanese brains, think tanks and commitment to change and development. Furthermore, and after years of research in the fields of business innovation, artificial intelligence, sustainability and finance her current research interests are in green finance, SDGs and behavioral finance.

In terms of community service, Prof. Mallah Boustani is a board member of Green Community civil society and serves on multiple committees in church and in school. Through her determination for community development, she induced multiple CSR strategies in organizations where she served as an advisor and offered them advisory services. As an individual dedicated part of her focus on human dignity, she lately enrolled in university Religious Science Programs where she obtained a diploma in religious studies and is currently finalizing her master’s thesis on environmental theology.

She keeps working hard to reach her goal, and her passion/vocation for extending education and learning to others is limitless. She dives deep into developing graduate and none graduate candidates where she mobilizes her effort, time, love, ethics, and compassion in an effective manner to secure quality outcomes in knowledge and education.



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