Maysoon Sleiman – Founder & Managing Partner @ The Sage Parlour

Founder @ The Sage Parlour

Maysoon Sleiman, Founder & Managing Partner of The Sage Parlour

Maysoon Sleiman graduated with a BS in Management Information Systems, and a minor in Marketing. Throughout her 4.5 years tenure in advertising her portfolio of brands managed where she was focused on the Luxury & Retail Fashion category with the exception of Corporate Banking, Telecom, Cultural & Art Foundations. She then moved to the client side and managed a premium spirits portfolio for 1.5 years before transitioning into a freelance Digital Communications Consultant on 5 different F&B brands. She then dedicated all her time to bringing The Sage Parlour to life and is currently the managing partner and co-owner.


About The Sage ParlourThe Sage Parlor

The Sage Parlour is Beirut’s finest living room. All-day breakfast, complete with brew-bar, daily-bakes display, and ample natural light.

Nestled in the much-awaited AYA Tower on Armenia Street, Mar Mikhaël, The Sage Parlour opened its doors on March 21st 2018. 

“We are all things to all people at all hours – whatever the occasion, chances are The Sage Parlour fits the bill. A leisurely breakfast,
elevenses with a good book, a brisk business lunch, afternoon pick-me-up, or early supper”.

Glorifying the most important meal time, from everything you want out of a timeless Benedict and fluffy, consistent pancakes, to triangle toasties—but of course—and hearty salads. The Sage Parlour’s all-inclusive kitchen also puts up lunch and supper selections to beat.

European and North American influences prevail the Middle-Eastern flavours in the any-time, any-day, menu. 

True to their philosophy of supporting young emerging talent, TSP has collaborated with Retrieving Beirut to host local artists’ work at the parlour.

“Together we aim to build a community that values slow-paced and thought-provoking interactions through art. We are keen on building social connections around great food, curated art, and local retail products”.

The Sage Parlour is an independent Lebanese concept committed to supporting local talent, local artisans, designers and producers.

A co-working space-The Common Room & Library-is also available for private bookings: conferences, workshops, events and pop-ups.


To know more about Maysoon visit this link, or click here to keep up with The Parlour’s activities.

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