Maya Khattar-Founder @ Rechmaya Distillery

Rechmaya Distillery

It all started like great stories often do, with a simple idea: “What if the love of nature could be contained within a sip?”

After a lot of thinking and brainstorming, one image became finally clear: Rechmaya Distillery. 

A place for food, drinks, people, creativity, and cheerful conversation.

Working in the creative corporate industry abroad for several years made Maya realize a real change was needed. That was when she decided to go back to the roots, where that love of nature and freedom filtered back in, turning her heart towards home again, this time to open her own craft distillery in her native beloved village, Rechmaya, a beautiful Lebanese historical village, 40 minutes from Beirut.

Maya’s partner, Chady Naccour – who is behind the recipe of Jun – experimented a lot to come up with the unique recipe that lebanese gingave birth to Jun: a Lebanese craft gin made from 9 locally-grown botanicals, and Maya pushed it forward.

Maya’s old family silk factory in Rechmaya seemed like the perfect home for Jun. Subsequently, she turned it into an artisanal distillery and gave the brand a cool image.

Recently, Kor Vodka and Auf Arak saw the light as the new additions to the local family, sold and served on the Lebanese market, as well as abroad.


“The distillery opens its door to the public during weekends for tasting sessions, seasonal cocktails and bites. During summer, the venue around the distillery overseeing the beautiful mountains of the region, welcomes you to relax in our garden and enjoy nice music and local food, while sipping on our cheerful spirits.”


To know more about Maya, visit this link, or click here for more info about Rechmaya Distillery.

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