Mary Pratt-Founder & CEO at The Caviar Spoon ReBelle


Mary Pratt-Founder & CEO @ The Caviar Spoon Rebelle

Mary is a leading brand matchmaker, focused on Brand2Brand and Micro-Influencer Brand matchmaking. One of a new generation of successful creative collaborators bringing together adjacent and ancillary brands and helping harness their joint potential in pursuit of new and receptive global markets. 

Finding new customers is the major challenge businesses face today. And even with the biggest box of communication tools we’ve ever had at our disposal, it’s becoming harder and harder to be heard. In a collaborative environment, strategic brand partnerships connect talent and pool resources; they allow ideas to flourish, empower rising stars, and revitalise established names.   

Mary started her career in recruitment: the ideal industry to grow a great matchmaker.

She’s worked extensively with prestigious lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel brands for two decades. She built her own award-winning recruitment business from scratch. And for the past five years, her energy, experience and skill have been focused on developing The Caviar Spoon: a unique net-positive ecosystem where Brand2Brand and Micro-Influencer Brand collaboration flourishes.  

To date, The Caviar Spoon has brought together luxury travel brands and emerging artists, platformed collaborations between champagne producers and illustrators, matched sustainable yoga wear with hotels, and connected leading skincare brands with global resorts.   

“I believe there are extraordinary brand matchmaking possibilities everywhere. Sometimes, the most unusual or unexpected combinations make the most incredible connections. My role is to be the first to spot that potential, nurture each and every opportunity and produce astonishing, cost-effective and exceptional brand-building results”.    

Finally, wrapped around all of this is the opportunity for incredible humans to come together, network, learn from the world’s best in a variety of cherry-picked masterclasses and together flourish.


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