Loubna Sabbah-Career & Life Direction Coach

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Loubna Sabbah-Career & Life Direction Coach

Loubna started her career in the banking sector and after a few years she realized that this was not where she wanted to be. She took a year off to rediscover herself and purpose by trying different things from event management to script writing.

“It was through identifying my passions, values, skills, and knowledge and combining them that my ultimate vocation became clear to me”.

Loubna’s Mission today is to assist individuals who are feeling lost, stuck, or indecisive in gaining more clarity on where they are going in their life & career while making sure their GOALS & VISION align with their strengths, values, and passion(s).

Loubna is an ICF Associated Certified Coach (ACC). She got her certification from one of the Top coaching schools, Erickson International.

In addition to an international list of clients, she has hosted numerous workshops around mindset change, career direction, life vision, and time management.

She does both one-on-one and group coaching using a solution focused approach. 


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