A Letter to Fear


Dear Mr. Fear,

I never thought I would muster up the courage to speak to you, but voilà…

I know why you are here.

You had been around me a lot in the past years. Popping up in different occasions, warning me to venture in new challenges, in new relationships. Kept me away from reaching dreams I had. You stepped it up when I lost my father, and you told me I’m not good enough, and I won’t make it alone.

You even showed up when got I divorced, and accused me of being GUILTY, and that I am not worthy of love, and I believed you; my mind believed you. I was so afraid to get out of my comfort zone. I believed you were scared about me, and that you were protecting me from danger, from failure, from rejection, from being heart-broken again. So, you kept me away from all dangers- ‘or so you called them’. And I was trapped in this dilemma of ‘I failed, I am a failure, I can’t do it again, I don’t want people to judge me, Oh NO I did it again, why me, shame on me…’ and my mind believed every single word. The fake, limiting beliefs turned to reality in my mind.

You came in different forms and blocked my vision, my path, my moments. You made me worry about the future. You made me anxious about the unknown, and depressed from past moments.

You thought I was weak. You thought I was afraid. You thought you protected me.


There are rules now. Let’s set boundaries together. You are NO MORE the leader.

I will allow CREATIVITY, COURAGE, ADVENTURE, & LOVE to take more parts in my life. I will listen to you WHEN NEEDED ONLY. I will choose when you can influence my life.

I have lessons learnt now, no regrets. Life is a teacher, the more I live, the more I learn. Through coaching myself, I have learned to turn my weaknesses into strengths, my failures into lessons, my tears into happiness, my limiting beliefs into EMPOWERING BELIEFS.

Thank you for all what you have done, for keeping me safe in dangerous moments.

Mr. Fear, I am tougher than you think, move away now, sit in the back and watch me live life happily now.




Write a letter to your fear. Face it. Let your fear know that it no longer owns you.


By, Dr. Manal Naboulsi, Life & Relationship Coach, Founder @ The Coaching Lounge


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Embrace the Empowerment