Lediana Petro, fashion designer and owner of FashionHunters.store

Lediana Petro is a 34 years old sophisticated fashion designer and owner of FashionHunters.store, devoted since day one to the fashion industry, where she defines her purpose as a path to succeed in this inspiring journey.

She has years of experience in this field, as she worked in fashion styling, where she used to create outfits and fashion imagery after working with different Greek and Lebanese designers. In addition, she has a vast experience in private styling, working with individuals to customize outfits and “looks” that create the very best of each client.

This devoted entrepreneur shares her knowledge and skills to empower fashion designers and support them in their journeys. Therefore, she founded FashionHunters.store, an online website intending to promote fashion designers and highlight their ideas, as well as exposing their work and expanding their capacities with local and international clients.

Fashion Hunters is an important initiative, especially for Lebanese designers, since it gives them the opportunity to get the exposure they need, promote their work in the European Market, and highlight the power and talent of the Lebanese workforce.

Finally, Lediana is dedicated to her path in the fashion industry. The foundation of her website was a step forward in this successful journey but of course, it won’t be the last.

Embrace the Empowerment