Jihane Nasrallah-Wellness Coach And Founder of DarmaJi

Wellness Coach

Jihane Nasrallah-Wellness Coach And Founder of DarmaJi

Jihane has a passionate nature that has allowed her to thrive in all aspects of her career, leading an incredibly dynamic life.

Born in a business-oriented family, Jihane acquired a sense of ambition and accomplishment since a young age. Her passion for advertising took her to the top of the corporate ladder, owning and running her own agency and – later on – being recognized as one of the top women entrepreneurs of 2015.

But with a heart beating for life and a vagabond mind in constant pursuit of exhilaration, Jihane embarked on a self-discovery journey in Asia, roaming the beaches of Bali and the temples of India.

There, life made more sense for Jihane. There, close to the sea, she unfolded like a blossoming flower, discovering her true happiness through yoga and simplicity.

Jihane’s daily yoga practice was intensified by retreats, which lead her to explore her spiritual quest by joining the Ayur Yoga Eco-Ashram in India, specializing in the theory and practice of meditation, yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, anatomy, chanting, and spiritual Satsang.

Through the philosophy of yoga, Jihane’s eyes were open to her own truth. No boundaries were standing in the way of her desires, dreams, and happiness anymore. Finding her own spiritual path, she grew an intense desire to touch others’ lives exactly like her life was touched. That’s how, back to Lebanon, Jihane reunited with the sea by moving to Batroun where she resides today and makes her dream come true, every day.

Through Darmaji, Jihane strives to inspire others to find and fulfill their happiness through an assortment of practices that celebrate wellness and life.

A certified advanced yoga teacher, Life Coach who never ceases delving into the sacred science of yoga and exploring her path towards spirituality, Jihane hosts a weekly series of classes that are both physical and spiritual, sparking conversations and giving insightful talks about self-improvement and leading a happy and healthy life.


About DarmaJi Community Hub:

“No medicine cures what happiness cannot.”

Inspired by the law of Dharma that celebrates finding one’s purpose and fulfillment in life, Darmaji is born out of Jihane’s passion to create experiences that help people reconnect with their true selves.

Darma Ji is a Batroun-centric community hub Located by the sea in Batroun, offering a range of activities, programs, events, and products, which address the physical, emotional, and social well-being of the community.


“We, at DarmaJi, enable our community members to learn, develop, socialize, and recreate by facilitating year-round wellness initiatives. Driven by the will to do good, our aim is to enhance the cultural, social, and economic welfare of the people of Lebanon while leaving a trace of happiness.”


To know more about Jihane, visit this link, or click here for more info about DarmaJi.

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