Jennifer Saliba-Founder @ The Coaching Boutique, Women Empowerment & Intimacy Coach

Intimacy Coach

Jennifer Saliba is a Certified Life and Intimacy Coach, speaker and trainer, the founder of The Coaching Boutique, and the creator of AAA life coaching formula. Studying between Lebanon and France, Jennifer graduated with a double Specialized Masters Degree in Tourism and Events Engineering and Mass Catering Management.

Strongly believing that the meaning of life is a life of meaning, her journey of self-discovery and her thirst to a fulfilling life led her to make the shift from being a tourist guide to becoming a life one.

Jennifer believes that the duty of each and every human is to unleash his full potential and to live a fulfilling, mindful, joyous life. She helps and empowers women to comprehend, cultivate and channel their inner feminine force to every aspect of life. Deep down in her core, Jennifer is a grateful life lover, poet and coach, in that order.

Jennifer has worked many years in different international hotels such as Grand Hyatt – Charles De Gaulle Airport – France, and Intercontinental Phoenicia – Lebanon in the guest relations and PR departments.

A member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a Certified Women Empowerment Coach, Jennifer creates, constructs, and conducts workshops and motivational talks that are interactive and disrupting and has delivered and facilitated several events in her field.


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