It’s your decision, not the society’s


People who dance in sensual styles such as pole dancing, chair dancing, burlesque, heels, etc.… constantly experience prejudice, negative comments or sexual harassment for how they choose to express themselves especially at their workplaces.

So, they get asked lots of questions like:

“How do you expect people to take you seriously at work while you are posting videos of yourself dancing like that? “

“How do you navigate being a sensual dancer and a doctor/engineer/lawyer/therapist / social worker/nurse/journalist…?”

Society says you can’t do both. 

And what’s sadder is seeing these comments sometimes coming from women too.

So, to come “out” as a sensual dancer in your workplace, or to keep it a secret? 

The more we make sensuality taboo, the more our society will be about “shame rather than “acceptance and embracement.

Every woman has the right to be herself, speak her mind, and feel sexy & confident.

Every woman has the right to celebrate and embrace her female body.

Every woman has the right to express her feelings and emotions through movement.

This is why I encourage my students to admire their feminine side, break out of their comfort zone and celebrate their unique beauty not caring about their body shape size age level, or culture.

The studio where we train and dance is a safe, empowering, and allow me to say therapeutic space where people come and dance out their emotions whether they are feeling joyful, angry, or sad. A place that will enable them to grow, heal, gain confidence and support each other in a non-judgmental environment.

Staying silent in the workplace about dancing as a hobby or as a second profession won’t help to de-stigmatize it.

So, unless your job contract or code of conduct has specific rules about your out-of-work activities, you have all the right to share your dancing experience with others and show them more of what makes you feel better physically emotionally, and mentally.

At the same time, you have all the right to keep it private for yourself and your personal growth.

It’s your decision, not the society’s.

Whether you are a dancer or not, spread awareness, break the stigma, and do more of what drives you to move in the world and make your soul dance and shine.


Together we can make the world dance

Laura M

Dance instructor- Psychomotor therapist- Life coach


Embrace the Empowerment