It All Started As A Normal Day

It all started as a normal day

But it ended in a different way

Nothing has been planned

Even his existence on this land

Feelings in me again woke up

And beside him I stood up

Something strange began

I was falling into a man

Into someone I don’t know

But for him respect I show

Someone I did not plan to meet

Or even in his book to read

He promised to be near

Till that day I will tear

He is so nice and gentle

As well he is tender

No more words to describe my knight

Who entered my life one night

No wonder to him I got attached

But I am afraid from him to get detached

I can’t stand him being away

He is in my mind all day

He started to deviate the light

Into my life from the first sight

For that no one will have the right

To take him from me without a fight

I do respect the one I care

With whom my life I will share

But I am afraid to fall in

Where I have never been

He became my source of inspiration

I won’t admit his separation

I shall fight till the end

Cause his love is all what I demand…


By, Nadia Itani Kanaan [Author]

Embrace the Empowerment

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