Ismahan Al Saad Biography, Co-Founder & COO, PLAYBOOK

Ismahan Al Saad Biography

Co-Founder & COO, PLAYBOOK

With over 20 years of experience in Finance and Investments, Ismahan is the former General Manager of AlSaad Power Projects, an A Grade Electrical Contracting – a family business enterprise of 300+ employees. Since 2013, Ismahan has achieved major restructuring of the company, facilitating an upgrade of internal infrastructures, including the Accounting and Finance Department, Marketing activities, Human Resource management, ISO & quality systems, and safety and operations.She has also been in charge of Business Development, diversifying the company’s activities and operational specialities towards increasing income sources. Prior to her career at the Family Business, Ismahan’s professional expertise lay in Banking and Finance, where her experience spans 12 years in BNP Paribas. Her career at BNPP tracks growing recognition, where key positions include Syndication Originator & Senior Banker. An asset to the Bank’s holding in the region, she represented the Bank in devising financing strategies, leading negotiations, raising funds and closing deals for regional clientele & multi-billion dollar government & private projects. She presently leads operations, finance and investment at the edutainment platform PLAYBOOK, as the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer.

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