I am very proud to announce officially the launch of “KK” this unique Boutique Consultancy that represents the new generation of communication. We believe in holistic approach towards green communications and need to change the mindset towards it.

For so many years, I have been on advisory roles in various sectors, public, government, NGOs and private sectors, yet my Entrepreneurial instinct kept pushing me toward founding my own unique Boutique consultancy “Kingdom Konsult”.

When you have a concept, and you are inspired by it. You feel an inner conviction growing, you begin to envision what it will be like to succeed and hit a “showcase” level.

As a leader entrepreneur, we are constantly driven by a need to own products, projects, and initiatives. More curious and restless, and somehow find uncertainty and novelty motivating.


With over 20 years of hard work, experiences and success stories in Middle East, Europe and the region, I thought its time I share all my vast knowledge, lessons learned in business and new trends.

Consulting is an exciting role it gives you the opportunity to work on really challenging business problems. Consulting not only brings out the best of your analytical abilities, but also makes those around you think at an intellectually higher level

Our boutique consultancy has a deep understanding of how to use corporate communication and business strategy toward sustainability and circular economy reposition brands toward green economy. promoting green tech in today’s volatile landscape is essential, not extra.

With the world’s attention focused on sustainability and the circular economy, green communication has become an essential differentiator for brands in a crowded marketplace.

Green communication and branding is the future of marketing, as consumers shift their focus to supporting green brands.

Our Niche service “Green Communication” supports all aspects of sustainable business, highlighting how the entity is helping the environment through products, business practices and consumer behavior.

When working with our clients, we want them to know that they can rely on us to help them stay on track when it comes to their sustainability and circular economy strategies. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing companies whether public or private taking positive steps in the right direction.


Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice! Consulting is a way of life in today’s competitive market world. Selection of the right consultant can be made with ease when you know what kind of business modelling you need. While there are many ways to define and classify consultancy, our services are customized for each client based on their needs and requirements. Consulting services help businesses not to get lost in the demanding environment; we understand what it takes to stay ahead in this cutthroat market

On an organizational level, as well as for individuals, consultancy is an investment in the future. By listening to our clients, understanding their problems and needs, giving them advice on how to deal with them and providing professional solutions, we pave the way for a better tomorrow.

A consultant can act as a catalyst for change. Provides much-needed objectivity. Sometimes his / her role is to teach some other times to bring new life to an organization, create a new business and influence other people

Consulting activity represents one side of a suitable form, transfer of know-how, or the necessary expertise and experience, and the possibility for faster development and avoiding the unnecessary phase of wandering and possible failures.

To be more specific, a consultant is a person hired to give professional advice.  Consultant can play many roles, including those of an educator, facilitator, mediator, troubleshooter and catalyst.  The key component of consulting is to provide a holistic approach to business problems by carefully examining all aspects of the organization prior to suggesting an appropriate course of action.

Most of the business owners consider selecting business consultants at the time of deciding the path on which they want to drive their businesses. Most business owners hire consultants to identify growth problems, expertise in a specific market, increase the productivity of existing staff, change business paradigms, recognize new business objectives, educate employees, terminating unproductive business strata, revitalize old yet potential business opportunities, and influence decision-makers.

At Kingdom consult what’s makes it unique is the launch of this new niche service called “ The Green Communication”. It is a must go-to solution for brands with sustainability, environmental and circular economy ambitions;

Green communication works in a holistic and ambitious way by involving customer and stakeholder proactively, giving them the opportunity to give input. It is about empathy and listening before talking

We help entrepreneurs and businesses in the circular economy and sustainability sector to grow their business. We are a boutique consultancy, focusing our niche service on helping companies integrate ESG sustainability social responsibility values into their management and business model. We help them translate their principles into action by connecting them with green investors and partners.


We are constantly evolving and economy is shifting at high speed, change and new trend is on the rise, companies today if they do not adapt and run at speed with all charges happening, will not be able to survive.

Today Clients want trustworthy consultancies that can deliver quick wins and long-term results

An entrepreneurship consultant is neither a coach nor a trainer. He or she provides you with their experience and expertise in a particular subject and shows you how to make the most of your business so that you can succeed, even in tough times like these.

As a result, their knowledge and skills can assist you to improve your business, pinpoint problems and teach you how to solve them.

Ultimately, creative business consultant is a perfect sounding board. These experts are independent, objective and they do exactly what you hired them to do in the first place – they consult you on how to improve your business and make it profitable.

Cost is one of great factor that entities adopt boutique consultancy like KK

A temporary contract with entrepreneurship consultants can prove to be cost-effective because hiring an expert for a business need for a short amount of time is a strategic investment.

It enables you to draw on business consultant’s expertise, act timeously and avoid mistakes in the early days. As a result, this early investment sets your business up for longer term gain.

Unbiased View is another major factor to bring on KK consultancy

It’s important to receive an outside or objective view of your business. This unemotional take on your company and what it needs to succeed is important; there’s no emotion involved in any decisions that are made and the creative business consultant offers a unique, unbiased perspective.

In addition that our Boutique consultancy KK  offers a knowhow and experience to come up with best strategic plan to assist your business develop and grow revenue.

Other factors such as Learning new skills is very important: Aside from assisting with problem-solving, planning and strategy, the business consultant can also guide senior management and teach these leaders new skills.

A different perspective and motivation are key factors also.


Women have always been the Creator. ‘ Creator of mankind, Creator of things, and Creator of logic.

With an increasing number of well-known organizations like IBM, General Motors, and Mondelēz International appointing female CEOs, the trend towards women in leadership positions seems to be on the rise.

In fact, there are more women running Fortune 500 businesses today than at any point in the 63-year history of the Fortune 500.

Today Women represent huge economic power and offer important consumer insight.

“A diverse workforce is an innovative workforce”

Diversity—from gender diversity to culture, age, and race—has been shown to foster creativity and innovation, organizations across industries are seeking to prioritize and benefit from a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Women are taking the lead in the business world, and it isn’t a role they’re taking lightly.

At the helm of a business, women face a whole new set of challenges. The more successful they are, the harder their battle is and to be perfectly honest, that’s what makes us so excited by them.

They have been making strides in every area of leadership – from politics to technology and from fashion to finance…


You will be surprised of your quality !

Yes It’s hard to reach the balance in life in which you’re successful, happy, and have accomplished exactly what you wanted to.

Life is full of triumphs and turmoil, and rarely does it ever feel like it’s going totally in the right direction. Trusting your intuition goes beyond just bringing you happiness, but it could be the key to success as an entrepreneur…especially when you learn how to make your intuition smarter.

2023 is full of possibilities. And yes, I say that while fully aware of the anxiety many consulting leaders are experiencing over the looming recession.

Over the last 20 years, equality between women and men in the world of work has seen some

encouraging improvements, but there remains scope for further progress.

The private sector, including employer and business membership organizations, plays an important role in accelerating progress on closing gender gaps in the workplace. Women represent more than 50 % of the population worldwide, but only 45% of women had a job in 2018.

Women accounted for less than 4 % of board chairs across nearly 7,000 companies

in 44 countries in 2017.

Women in business often get advice like: “don’t take risks, play safe.” If a new business idea or strategy seems too risky, it may be time to reconsider.

When you’re running a business, and sometimes even when you’re starting one, there are always risks involved. But taking risks also means taking control over your business and your destiny.

Women in consulting are a minority, as management consulting is a male dominated field. Being the only female in the room is a common experience for almost all women in consulting.

Working Women are role model for those who understand there is a lot of thing behind their smile such as hard work, society pressure, family pressure, broken heart, tired body, and the spirit of not giving up until they achieve their goal,

It is hard to be a Woman. you must think like a man acts like a lady look like a young girl, and work like a horse.

Yet Women are super power creatures and mostly intuitive.

Intuition is a powerful business tool. Use it Be fearless!

Embrace the Empowerment