How to become the architect of your life!





An Architect by profession, actor, dancer and speaker,  Priya Telavane is a passionate entrepreneur. She believes in the power of dreams and work towards it to fulfill them to make them reality.

After completing her architecture in India, she specialized in interior designing with over 15 years of work experience so far around the globe. Priya founded 361 degrees design solutions to create a design centric commercial interior that truly reflects a client’s brand, style and design 8 years back in Dubai.Having full support from her husband Amol who is also an Architect and partner in the same business and both have been working closely together to grow 361 degrees design solution globally. Her dedication and determination help fuel their drive to transform commercial spaces across UAE.

Being a mother of 18 months old son Aaryan, I jugglebetween the roles of being a mother, wife, business owner and networker.

To perform all roles successfully with excellent quality of lifeshe willshare her secret …how to be an architect of your own life.

“We can’t control the past and future so focusing on present will allow us to achieve many more things in life.”

Architect designs and builds the structures while doing this with perfect planning, designed timeframe, desired budget, good quality material, design creativity and unique elements to have a better identity for structure.

The end product is good and acceptable by client.

Likewise by following above points in day today life we can design life beautifully.

  • Planning– For personal as well as professional goals plan and write it on a paper. Make the perfect planning to follow it day today activities. When you follow the designed layout of your works the goals are easy to reach. I had decided my goals for next 5 years and written in the beautiful book that I love to see every week. Unconsciously my brain, mind, every muscle of my body works towards achieving them. it’s a slow walk towards it and will get there with my hard work, determination for sure.


  • Timeline – for each goal there should be timeframe to be aligned and followed. Always plan your weekly schedule for day today operations. Decide work hours and personal hours with delegation of works very important. Don’t forget to add hours for eating and sleeping. This will help to utilize your day productively. I design my day and week as per the allocated timeline for each activity. Delegating the works I can’t do it works perfect to stick to my timelines.


  • Budget/Finance– Business, work, home functions on the money indirectly. To design your finance well which will help you to build strong base for your future life and take care of your present needs. Profit, loss, savings, future expansions if there is a business mention it on sheet or use software to track it with my partner I make it a point to design our all finances. We take external expert help to plan it better and follow it.


  • Good quality of life– having perfect balance or maintaining balance between work and personal life, me time and time for kids, healthy eating high thinking will give you good quality of life. Remove all negativity around and consistence exercise very important part. I feel this is essential for everyone to have good quality life. Me with my family we follow all the rules to achieve this and try to get there as close as possible.


  • Creativity – Be creative in all works you do…house work, professional work, for your kids, for yourself. The touch of creativity will give different dimension to all things around will make you happy and cheerful. People around you will start appreciating you and will like to be with you for this one trait.        As our field of work allows us to be creative at work I try to be  creative in the smallest things I do day to day, to be close to your femininity will make you creative and experiment a lot in day today life.


  • Unic element– ladies don’t forget unic you within yourself. Don’t hide your passions and what you are good at for this element of yours people will recognize you…. this will give you own identity .I have been dancing on stage from age of 3 and started acting on stage at the age of 6 years …I do it till date. Have been doing design presentations for multinational companies, which made me develop as a speaker and explain things in a better way. Having said that I love to help other women and believe in women empowerment movement.


“Everyone can be Architect of their own life by building it how they wish and it will become wonderful…”   Priya

Embrace the Empowerment

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