How many roles do you play in life?



I am sure you heard this question many times and if you start counting your roles, you will be surprised that every time you find a new role, additional roles will be added to your life.

So why count?

When i graduated from the University with a degree in acting and performing arts, I was so excited to start my career in TV, Cinema and Theatre, whether it was acting, singing or presenting. I wanted to do anything that puts me under the spotlight or behind a camera.

My life was so busy and it was a lot of fun. I was playing many roles and enjoying all the stress of the rehearsals, long hours of filming and sleepless nights. All that because i was in love with what i was doing and passionate about exploring my talents in different areas.

I was playing the role of an actress that plays different roles, in different places, with different audiences and i was so happy, energized and On Fire!

What’s the secret that moves you to do lots of things at the same time and stay focused, balanced, fulfilled, satisfied and happy?

And what are factors that can sabotage your happiness and passion?

The actor says: I am anything and everything, I am anywhere and everywhere, I am Universe, I am ALL.

In other words, I am open to opportunities, I am flexible, I am ready, everything is possible, I can do it, I accept.

Those are the beliefs that we want in our life, we want to be the actor who knows how to get in and out of each role without being attached to any of those roles.

In fact, what we are doing in our life, is playing all our roles at the same time and we feel overwhelmed, not in control, stressed and unhappy.

The actor takes the script and studies the character very well before performing it and even if he or she will perform the same play for 100 times, the acting will remain the same.

How many times we don’t know what we are doing? How many times we ask ourselves for what purpose am I doing this or that?

It is as if you are in an improv and the director pulls you from the audience and gives you a role and asks you to do it on the spot, it might come out amazing or it might be a disaster. But a good actor who knows how to play will always find ways to blow the audience’s mind.

“So why don’t you be the actor in your life?”

What if you learn those skills and apply them in your day to day life? How easy and enjoyable would your life be? How happy and fulfilled would you feel?

  • How many hidden talents do you have that you don’t know about and if you knew about you will be On Fire?
  • How many times you stopped yourself from getting on stage and surprising yourself?
  • Being the actor and the director of your life, is being responsible for your dreams and future.
  • Have you ever seen a director allowing anyone to give his or her opinion and change the direction of the play or the movie he or she is working on?
  • Have you ever been in a theatre and saw a random person from the audience stepping on stage and performing on scene?
  • How many times have you allowed that person to change your story and change your dreams?


Be the director of your own life-script, chose your players, let them audition for the roles that you have assigned for them and be the actor that masters the art of living!

By, Nadine Chammas Bekhaazi, Positive Lifestyle Specialist & Hypnotherapy Trainer

Embrace the Empowerment