Hind Dakhil Abboud-Dietitian & Co-Founder @ SohatWSahtein


Hind Dakhil Abboud is a working mother who juggles between her motherhood and her career daily duties.

“A healthy, realistic, and successful lifestyle is a puzzle framed in the mind-set. When there is a will, there is always a way”.

She worked simultaneously on her career and family build-up and got married to Dr. Rony Abboud while pursuing her studies. She obtained her B.A from Saint Joseph University -Beirut in Business Administration in 2002, her B.Sc. in Nutrition & Dietetics in 2004, and her MPH-in Hospital Management and Policy in 2008 from AUB while being pregnant with her first child. She, subsequently, completed a one-year internship in Clinical Dietetics and Therapeutic Nutrition at AUBMC, prior to becoming a Lebanese Licensed Dietitian in 2006.

Hind is a Clinical Dietitian at the American University of Beirut Medical Center since May 2006. She is responsible for managing critical care units (Coronary Care Unit, including the Heart Failure and Cardiac Step Down Units,  Respiratory Care Unit, & Neuro-Intensive Care Unit), mentoring Lebanese or International dietetic interns, and working closely with the medical team in projects, conferences, seminars, and community activities. She won the AUBMC 2014 Service Excellence Award and 2017 AUBMC Dean’s Award.

Furthermore, Hind is a Social Media, TV, and Radio & Magazine Nutrition & Lifestyle Awareness enthusiast since 2013. She is the co-founder @Sohatwsahtein, a Healthy Lifestyle Blog sharing Practical tips for the whole family since 2016 #sohatwsahtein #صحة_و_صحتين.

Before her appointment at AUBMC, she was a Clinical Dietitian acting as Head of Department at Clemenceau Medical Center-affiliated with Johns Hopkins University. She worked in a private clinic as well and participated in community projects with the World Health Organization -Lebanon.

Hind is a member in the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) since 2010, and a member in the Lebanese Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics (LAND) since 2004.

In addition, Hind is a hard-working Lebanese woman who knew how to manage her home and work duties, and did not stop performing her childhood hobbies of painting. One of Hind’s  favorite activities is discovering new hidden gems in the world and trying new cuisine while globetrotting with her better half.


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