Hayat Mirshad: Top 100 most Inspiring & Influential Women 2020

Hayat Mirshad: Lebanese feminist activist, journalist, trainer and communications and advocacy expert.

Ranked among BBC’s 100 most inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2020, Mirshad carries the mission of ensuring girls and women’s access to justice, information, protection, and human rights, through her several platforms and initiatives. Hayat is the co-founder and executive director of FE-MALE, a non-profit feminist collective, and the Editor in Chief of “Sharika wa Laken”. She is a member of the board of trustees at Takatoat feminist collective- Jordan and a feminist advisory board member at CARE International.

As a gender, communications and campaigning trainer since 2009, Hayat managed and conducted more than 100 trainings targeting more than 2500 women, girls, men and boys with various reputable organizations, including BBC media action, Internews, UNFPA, UNDP, Feminist Initiative and YWCA.

A loud and proud feminist and experienced communicator, Hayat has spoken at a number of national, regional and international platforms, conferences and events about women’s rights and media, and was chosen as a member in a number of consultative committees for different national and international organizations including UN Women and Action Aid.

Her feminist production included producing and contributing to a number of documentaries, articles, studies, researches and toolkits including a Code of  Conduct between Media institutions/personnel and Women NGOs in Lebanon on gender-sensitive media coverage in conflict/post-conflict situation and a training toolkit on gender-sensitive media coverage. She also produced in 2019, a media handbook defining the principles of ethical and balanced reporting on migration in the North-Africa and Mediterranean region for the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Hayat, fully devoted and passionately engaged in her battle for gender equality, is a woman driving positive change in her country and worldwide.

To know more about Hayat Mirshad, go check her portfolio on https://hayatmirshad.com/

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