Hania Raad – Founder & Manager @ Caravansarie

Hania Raad

Hania Raad, Founder & Manager @ Caravansarie

With an early childhood interest in drawing, writing, playing the piano, communicating, and analyzing every detail of her surroundings, Hania took to Graphic Design and Art Direction as a professional means of expressing these creative passions.

Having undergone 11 curious years of experience in Beirut, Dubai, Doha, and Amman, she developed an extensive knowledge and understanding of different markets and wore many different hats along the way.

One factor which repeatedly consumed Hania’s convictions concerning her professional world was the idea of honest, interactive and experiential communication, which at the time, was nascent in the region.

Furthermore, Hania’s fascination with cultures, arts, architecture, heritage and philosophies of life that she would encounter within Lebanon and during her travels-alongside her deep interest in Urban Planning and Community Development-have lead her to research and publish articles concerning these topics as well as to create a platform where she can begin exploring and sharing these passions and beliefs.

This platform was Caravansarie. Born as an idea in 2012, explored in 2015 and officially launched in 2016, Caravansarie quickly picked up momentum and interest within the community and became Hania’s passion project, which she would juggle with her Advertising and Design job.

Caravansarie, in it’s current state, is a gateway in translating Hania’s vision, all while promoting local talent and a slow and festive life for a healthy environment and individualistic people.

To know more about Hania, visit this link, or click here for more info about Caravansarie.

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