Hala El Chemor-Counselor, CBT & Mindfulness Practitioner


Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Advertising & Marketing from Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon, Hala has worked on Real Estate projects such as Sannine Zenith-Lebanon & its in-house advertising agency – Zenith Communication, and with Ven-Invest (Le Grey Hotel and Wadi Grand Residence) as a Senior Marketing Executive.

Hala wasn’t feeling that she was being productive and something was missing. The lack of contact with people made her realize that this is not what she wanted to do.

“I always wanted to impact people’s lives in a positive way and help when I can or at least release some of their pains or worries. At the age of 31, I decided to pursue my passion and make my dream come true, which was to be a psychologist.”

Hala did start with her studies in Psychology when she was in France at the age of 18, but the system did not suit her, so she opted to major in Advertising & Marketing. At that time, the mainstream was psychoanalysis, and Hala was more attracted to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Today, this field is gaining more and more territory in psychology; to Hala, it was just the right time to leave her old job and start following her passion. 

Subsequently, Hala quit her job and went back to university, where she obtained a B.A in Clinical Psychology and an M.A in Educational Psychology, and she is currently finishing her Thesis at Notre Dame University-Louaize Lebanon. After having fulfilled a year of internship in Deir el Salib (Hôpital de la Croix) and another year in Jesus and Mary School, Hala currently acts as a Psychologist and Counselor with a focus on CBT & Mindfulness practices. Education has not stopped as Hala is still obtaining diplomas in CBT, Counseling, and Mindfulness.  


“It’s not always easy but YOU CAN follow your dreams, regardless of the obstacles. Never let go, as the rewards are immense!”


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