GEETIKA JOSHI – Humanitarian & Founder of Gigglez

Geetika Joshi

Geetika Joshi – Humanitarian & Founder of Gigglez


Geetika Joshi is the 17-year old founding member of Gigglez (, offering high-quality genuine Nappa leather bags and backpacks for an affordable price.

In addition to her entrepreneurial stint, Geetika earned the Valedictorian award in middle school, and has been consistently an Honours student, she’s also in the International Baccalaureate program. 

Geetika has been an active face in her community – dedicating +225 volunteer hours – she enjoys leading and/or participating in a variety of clubs and committees in and around her school. Geetika attributes the start of her entrepreneurial journey with her internship at ‘Seerat Defines Inner Beauty Inc’- a local trade show organizer.

Her exposure to the fashion industry whose ‘tug-of-war’ between cost and quality instigated her to launch her own brand Gigglez, which is now in process of being trade-marked.

Through it all, Geetika aims to provide customers an experience that surpasses their current expectations of functionality and style.

Further embarking her amazing journey, Geetika has been recently nominated by ‘SupportHER’ for the Women of Inspiration 2020 awards, She also received a nomination for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurship 2020 Awards.

As she prepares to apply for undergraduate business schools, Geetika’s ambition drives her to give her all to Gigglez, and work towards her dream of making a positive worldwide impact.

Just over a year old, Gigglez is on track to increase revenue by ~200% by the end of this year and is thankful for a very supportive and consistently growing customer base extending from New Brunswick to Alberta.


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