Fear Vs. Trust

Trust Vs. Fear

Fear Vs. Trust

Are you struggling with a disengaged team?  Or perhaps frustrated by a team that is far from taking any initiatives on their own?  Are you feeling so overwhelmed with micromanaging people, and you don’t have any more time to strategize?

Well I can tell you one thing, “You Are Not Alone”!  Many business owners and executives are going through the same situation at this moment!!!

So, the question remains, “What do you need to do, to engage your team and your organization??”

You have probably tried several ways already, but none of them seemed to work!  And of course, this adds even more to the frustration you are feeling.

Well, let me start by asking you this question before you try anything else, “How would you describe the relationship between YOU and YOUR team?  Is it a relationship based on FEAR?  Or is it based on TRUST?”. You don’t have to give an answer right away.  Actually, it’s better if you take a few days to think about it.  Observe your team’s behaviors, notice their reactions before you decide on the answer.

The reason why I ask you this question, is simply based on how our brain functions.  You see, FEAR puts people in an offensive and disengaged mode.  The cortisol secreted when we experience FEAR will make people behave in a way that is highly perceived as “Negative”; they continuously criticize, they expect too much and don’t appreciate anything, they see everything as a threat, they resist new ideas, they make bad assumptions about you and about situations, they tend to be judgmental, they don’t take any initiatives on their own, they don’t show any motivation to support you and the team, etc.

Does this resemble in any way how your team is currently behaving?

Remember! The reason they do that is purely related to cortisol being high in the brain and not because they are “bad” employees.

So, I guess it’s quite obvious now what it is you need to do with your team to seek more engagement and initiative-taking…Yes!!! Create more TRUST!

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