Fatma Hamad AlMarri: Prominent Presence of Qatari Women

Fatma Hamad AlMarri is a Qatari leadership and Human resources trainer, Relationships and regulations coach, and the President of the Women Leaders Initiative. This passionate lady is a pioneer in the social sphere and holds a master’s degree in international human resources from the University of Aberdeen in Britain and a bachelor’s degree in political history of the Gulf path from Qatar University.

Ms. Fatma AlMarri works in the humanitarian and voluntary sphere by offering workshops on a voluntary basis and has an extensive leadership experience in a variety of fields such as self-leadership, community leadership, and motivating others to develop themselves and achieve their goals. She practiced writing in the field of leadership and human resources in local newspapers.

This successful woman was as well the Leader of the Women Leaders Initiative of the Rota Youth Challenges Program in 2018. This dedicated entrepreneur has extensive scientific and practical experience in her field of specialization, since she has participated in several local, and international conferences, forums and courses which have enhanced her knowledge. As a result, she has been honored several times and on various occasions.

In the field of human development, Fatma has worked her way through workshops at various youth centers, since we need it most today, especially that it focuses on developing and managing oneself through the techniques and methods of live training, life management, self-development and skills development. Furthermore, human development has been found to support everything that belongs to the human being, whether through intensive courses or short workshops.

Finally, this leader believes that a successful coach is a role model to his community and is responsible for delivering his message at all levels.

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