Everything you want is on the other side of Fear

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light”- Plato

Is fear ruining your life?

One of the ways to overcome your fear is to ask yourself, what am I afraid of? Think about it.

You probably heard that the saying FEAR means “False Evidence Appearing Real”. There are various kinds and forms of false evidence that have the appearance of reality, such as the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being alone, fear of love, fear of not being good enough, fear of change, etc.

What most people do not realize is that fear is inevitable for success, and if you do not find ways within you to overcome it, you will not grow and will eventually die.

When fear begins to ruin your life and limits your ability to live the life you deserve for yourself and your family, then it is time to face it with faith because before you know it, you will be missing out on great experiences and opportunities that could make you evolve and be happy.

A young woman, whom I was coaching on self-confidence and self-perception, asked me how could she become fearless and stay motivated to reach her goal?

To help her create that internal drive for her to stay focused without relying on external factors, I invited her to ponder on about the price of not following it through.

YES, let me tell you that you have to be more afraid of what you will be missing out instead. There is no way around, so if you cannot get rid of fear, use it. Instead of focusing on what you are afraid of and letting it cripple you, think about the cost of not having what you want. Imagine how would your life look like if you stay the way you are and do not change anything?  What would be the cost of not allowing more freedom in your life, to your family and children? And believe me these thoughts and that kind of fear will help you overcome other fears and will push you through to take necessary actions.

Another way to overcome your fears is to imagine yourself at 80 years old, looking back to your life and saying to yourself, “I wish I did that” or “I wish I had more courage”, “I wish I had another chance”. Life is passing by, my friend; it is time to take the first step.

Here are three ideas to get you started:

–  Determine why anything you desire is a must for you, and shift from a desire to a must situation. You must be hungry for it otherwise you will not be inspired.

–          Create different rituals that you incorporate daily to put yourself in a peak state because when you are in a peak state, you are physically stronger, you are more focused and have more energy.

–          Believe that you have a real potential to create the results you need, if you do not believe that about yourself, then you will not be driven enough. Little belief equals little action, which leads to little result. Tap on your potential to be able to take massive actions, feel stronger and get the momentum you need.

Every successful endeavor is preceded by a form of fear, take a leap of faith and feel the fear but do it anyway. Fear could be your greatest motivator if you manage it properly. You do not have to hit rock bottom to start taking actions, start now, as with progress your fear will diminish.

Hurdles and challenges are part of any journey. However, a strong desire, faith, persistence can help you remain focused on your vision, while adopting an attitude of gratitude to support putting everything in perspective. Choose to be a woman with purpose and decide to turn your vocation into a vacation.

If I could give you an advice, it would be to follow your dream.  If you love what you do, you will succeed. We are all gifted and unique, find your gift, share it with the world and make it shine.


Love and gratitude

Linda Chaccour

Founder Emerge Coaching

Positive Psychology Practitioner – Strategic Interventionist Coach

Addiction recovery Specialist – Shadow Worker


Embrace the Empowerment