Emotional Intelligence Is The KEY!

Emotional Intelligence

Since Intelligence quotient or IQ and learning skills are never enough unless we have understood the importance of being able to manage our characters and our relationships with others, being aware of our Emotional Intelligence is a must to succeed in at all the different areas of our lives, on all personal, social, or professional levels.

Emotional Intelligence is the most important and effective instrument of a Good Leader. Recently, and more than ever, it is considered as of one of the top ingredients used in developing productivity within the leading companies in the world.

Emotional Intelligence-or EQ-is the key to improvement and success at work and in life. No matter how great we’re doing technically, if we can’t manage our emotions and our relationships with others, we can never succeed in leading and executing a job, alone or within a team.

EQ relies on recognizing our emotions, our behaviors, our thoughts, and the obstacles that are keeping us away from achieving your goals. Five main skills from a total of sixteen should be well-preserved in order to have a stable life: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

It is very important to understand and express our anxiousness and needs in order to find the best solutions to any problems regarding inner and external conflicts. Being aware of our values can help us process in a way that will ease up finding solutions, hence, our decision-making.

EQ or Emotional Intelligence is a must to everyone aiming to help themselves work on some damaging patterns/habits and change them into more constructive ones. This is where I should stop on the pattern issue: A pattern is only a pattern; it doesn’t define a character. Therefore, each one of us can change any pattern at any time as long as we are aware of our emotions.

All of us have good intentions in general, but, at some point in our lives, some disturbing and shocking events make us react in a certain way that might be against our values. The good news is that there might be a way to control this and improve our life style.

Different methods and techniques are being practiced nowadays to increase one’s EQ; none of them, however, is efficient unless there is real intention and readiness to change.

Mindfulness, CBT, and any exercise related to self-awareness-which a person is normally exposed to in workshops, coaching sessions, therapy, or even in books-are very helpful methods. Most of these practices will help identify the source of any challenging character or behavior and will find tangible ways to manage them.

Sometimes, we are exposed to deeper concerns. EQ cannot improve when the emotional brain is distorted. In this case, it is recommended to go further in diagnosing the symptoms and finding the right treatment, especially when the behavior is critical and alarming, and can put a person or his environment at risk.

Finally, we have to put in mind that Perfection doesn’t exist. So, In case we started triggering the change but failed sometimes, it is not a reason for us to stop trying everyday a little bit more because we will never reach perfection, but our life will definitely improve. That one per cent effort we do every day will make us achieve 80% of our dreams. And the way to these dreams is EQ!


By, Lea Bekhazi, Leadership & Career Consultant.


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