Doaa bin Thabit, Impactful Leadership


Doaa bin Thabit is the CEO of the Saudi- American joint venture Packageha, with access to 13 countries. This dedicated lady uses her platform with constant commitment to shed light on impactful leadership. In order to demonstrate how leaders’ responsibilities, transcend the economic needs of their organizations, she took major initiatives for a wider impact on society.

On the economic front, Doaa launched a one-of-a-kind luxury oriental gifts product line which includes boxes, wrapping, and bag bundles. Her gifts product line sends a message to the world that oriental is global; and what is Made-In-Saudi can make it to the shelves of Virgin Megastore and Amazon in 13 countries. Her aspiration is to build the world’s first oriental Hallmark which carries a glimpse of the east and a message of tolerance and love for humanity. Packageha was the recipient of the MIT Enterprise Forum Award in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its novel approach in bringing tailored packaging to the small order size market (i.e., less than 100 packages).

On the social impact front, Doaa led two major initiatives. The first is “Gift with love”, which aims to create an environment of emotional stability for orphans that brings joy and self-worth to this segment of society. This year, the initiative mobilized AstraZeneca Saudi and Dar Al-Fiker, Bearhugs and Al-Aqsa schools. The second initiative was a permanent column in Packaging MEA Magazine on how packaging supports the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through “Packaging for a Cause”.

The rise of Doaa bin Thabit to the top of the executive ladder is a manifestation of a journey of progressive career growth. From managing ACE Events, a local events management company, to the principal specialist of marketing and communication at the Islamic Development Bank, a multilateral organization, to the head of UNHCR’s office in Jeddah. Throughout this career, Doaa was and still is a source of inspiration to many young females and families and she is always on track to achieve her goals.  

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