Dina Saoudi – Co-founder of Seven Circles, Seven’s World, and Empowering through™

Dina Saoudi


Dina Saoudi – Co-Founder of Seven Circles, Seven’s World, and Empowering through™


Dina Saoudi is the mother of Hashem and Hamzah, who defines her purpose to help better the world for all children as much as her own. She co-founded Seven Circles, an investment and consulting agency focused on establishing strategic partnerships, creating new revenue streams, and building sustainable, impactful solutions. She is also the co-founder of its philanthropic arm, Seven’s World.

Dina co-founded and heads Empowering through™ (Et™), a new breed of social enterprise to empower ecosystems to enable individuals economically and socially. Et™’s publications, platforms, and events are based on a measurable and scalable model that identifies and connects stakeholders — aid agencies, private & public sectors, academia, impact funds, and civil society — to work together to enable and celebrate individuals. Since 2017, Et™ has been creating impact in more than 10 countries with a portion of the proceeds committed to giving back.

Dina proudly serves two of Her Majesty Queen Rania’s initiatives as a member of the board of directors of The Children’s Museum and the board of trustees of the Royal Health Awareness Society.


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