Dear Mothers

Mothers' Day

On this special “Mothers’ Day 2020”, I salute all mothers, I appreciate their sacrifices and applaud their achievements!

Being a working mother in the Lebanese Healthcare Sector is a challenge and a daily battle during this global pandemic of COVID-19; especially to the “war generation”; the women born in the 80’s. Women who have experienced war, several political, social, and economic crises…adding now a health threat that is shaking the world and resetting our Mother Earth, which became drained and needed a break!

A crisis that is teaching all humankind equality, respect, appreciation and humbleness. Yet, a true turning point – on a positive note – urging us to look at the glass as half full. We – Lebanese people – never fail to stand up stronger after every fall. And here we are, learning from a new experience and supporting each other for a better outcome.

Being a multitasking woman is a blessing in my opinion. Juggling between work and home duties, while taking extra safety precautions, is an additional daily challenge during these difficult moments.

As a clinical dietitian working at AUBMC since 2006, responsible for providing nutrition care for patients admitted in the cardiac and respiratory intensive care units, I feel accountable to perform my role as required and overcome my fear, anxiety and tiredness. We are trying to work beyond our comfort zone, applying new measures, being proactive in our daily decisions and planning implementation.


After hospital duty, home duties call.


As a mother of two wonderful kids, I have to wear the hat of a teacher (home schooling & E learning), an entertainer, a listener, a friend, a cook… trying to hide my fear, stress and guilt feeling.

Controlling our distress and worry to calmly manage the kids, teach them, and address their concerns while taking several precautionary measures is doable but challenging too! Therefore, balance is key in every decision and action taken.  Hippocrates – the founder of the concept of food as medicine – once said: “if we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise – not too little and not too much – we would have found the safest way to health”.


Returning to the basic principles of safety, hygiene, and the basics of a healthy lifestyle is crucial these days, starting with ourselves. Being a clinical dietitian working in a hospital, many would like to know if we take extra measures or if fear invades our minds:

We surely wash our hands several times daily, keep the recommended social distancing, wear a mask in risky areas, avoid touching our face, mouth, eyes and nose….and apply safety measures that became a habit since we started working in the medical center. 

Moreover, we are more conscious about the importance of a healthy lifestyle:

-Healthy eating habits and hydration;

-Quality sleep: 7 to 8 hours;

-Physical activity: 45-60 minutes of walking;

-Meditation and prayers.


The strength of motherhood is greater than any disaster. From the strength of Mother Earth which got sick from the excessive abuse of all humankind, to the strength of every single – working or non-working – mother. It will be a memorable Mothers’ Day 2020 to all, wishing good health for every Being on earth!


By, Hind Dakhil Abboud, Clinical Dietitian @ AUBMC & Co-Founder of SohatWSahtein


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