Christelle Eid, founder of Arz perfume line and “elle by krystel”

Christelle Eid is a passionate young entrepreneur who graduated from Antonine University-Lebanon in 2015, with a master’s degree in Marketing Management. She is the founder of several perfumes and cosmetic lines, of which Arz perfume line and “elle by krystel”. In addition, she is the CEO of Shop and Beyond LB and MK Fashion, which shows her full support to other businesses.

Three years ago, she launched Shop and Beyond LB in order to support local businesses, small manufacturers and handcrafted products. It offers a wide variety of natural and organic items, as well as high-demand products such as cosmetics and perfumes. In addition, it introduces “Arz” unisex fragrance along with 19 other smells. Soon, they will open a concept store at City Center Hazmieh, having the goal of boosting local businesses through their physical presence in such a Mall. They will, however, be present in Jordan by next year.

On the other hand, MK Fashion website is designed to support local designers and publish their work throughout the Arab World. Designers from all over the region are also represented, and they can also customize your outfit or dress for any occasion.

Christelle is a powerful force in the workplace, where she deploys her strong leadership skills and boundless energy, inspiring others to work hard and succeed. This successful lady enjoys reading and was inspired by Joe Dispenza’s book, “Becoming Supernatural”, in the evolution of her mindset and career.

Lately, she launched “elle by krystel”, in line with her business concerned with healthcare, that’s her most recent project. It took her years to create and finalize such a luxurious brand, which includes a day cream, night cream and leave-in, as well as soaps, all of which are produced locally and willing to expand to Qatar and Kuwait. This project was dedicated to her mother, to express gratitude for always supporting and encouraging Christelle and her sister. Moreover, “elle by krystel” was made to treat her mother’s hands eczema.

Finally, Christelle’s journey to becoming a successful sales consultant and entrepreneur is represented by being positive, self-motivated and a strong negotiator, as well as having advanced selling skills.

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