Celebrating Boèm Home Boutique First Anniversary With Léa Lteif

Boèm Home Boutique

Léa Lteif-Founder of Boèm Home Boutique

How did Boèm Home Boutique see the light? 

At first the idea was to diversify Lteif catalog, turning it to a one-stop-shop to furnish your home.


Tell us about your launch.

Boèm was conceived last year. The timing was critical due to the protests taking place, so we kept it simple and exclusive. A cheese and wine reception was held at the boutique, attended by Lteif friends, clients and suppliers.

Boèm’s first year has been challenging, I must say. Lebanon has not witnessed one steady day since the launch, yet we still strive to diversify our collection and improve our line, hoping for better days to come. 


What makes Boèm different?

The line is unique because it’s all inclusive. We sell: 

  • Sofa’s and coffee tables
  • Dining sets and chairs
  • Office furniture 
  • Express kitchens
  • Bedrooms and cabinets
  • Bed linens and mattresses
  • Home decorations and gift items
  • Lighting pieces


Tell us about Boèm clientele

Our clients are trendy and savvy, and they are looking to make a good deal. At Boèm they make modern and chic selections at an affordable budget, and they brag about it.


From where do you supply your collection?

Mostly, our living and bedroom furnishings are locally made, which grants our client the freedom to customize our items with their choice of fabric, color and dimensions.

The rest is imported, from Scandinavian factories mostly. 


What’s new in-store?

We have recently added bed linens and sets to our catalog. The full range is displayed and styled in our bedroom area for our clients to explore. From touch and feel to thread count, our clients are loving the line!


How do you market Boèm pieces?

We have built most of our audience through Instagram. Creating influencial content and placing the product in a lifestyle frame inspires the customer on how to furnish rather than just what to buy. Moreover, all pieces are tagged and featured in our Instagram Shop and available to order on LTEIF.COM.LB.


What’s next for Lteif?

We are already present online as lteif.com.lb, so you can say I already rode that wave. However, the e-commerce industry is a fast changing force that I cannot neglect.

So next, I look forward to reinforce it, and grow it further.


To know more about Boèm, visit this link.



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