Helene Khater Chammas – founder of Helene Pharma

Founder of Helene Pharma

Helene Khater Chammas, founder of Helene Pharma, is a Lebanese Health and Environmental consultant who worked with life insurance and pharmaceutical companies. An ardent community server specialized in the health care sector, she ultimately aims to achieve balance in social, economic and environmental sustainability through contributing in Policy Making Legislations. The goal is to improve…

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Ghida Anani – Founder & Director of ABAAD

Ghida Anani

  Ghida Anani is the Founder & Director of ABAAD – Resource Centre for Gender Equality, a leading CSO in the region advocating for gender equality, women’s rights, and the political participation of women in Lebanon. Ghida is putting in place the infrastructure for a sustainable system of protection against gender-based violence. She engages stakeholders…

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Sally Hurst-Chef And Food Writer

Food Writer

Sally Hurst is an American chef and food writer who has recently moved to Johannesburg, South Africa. She received my MFA in Creative Non-Fiction Writing at Columbia University’s School of the Arts in New York but decided her heart was really in the kitchen and so worked to receive her Grand Diplome in Culinary Arts…

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Dr. Cathy Greenberg-Executive Coach, Author & Speaker

Dr. Cathy Greenberg

  Dr. Cathy Greenberg-Executive Coach, Author & Speaker Dr. Cathy Greenberg, Ph.D., Author, Speaker, Consultant, and ICF Certified Coach has been named a worldwide authority on leadership and human behavior by all major business and financial news organizations, and by popular media outlets such as Fortune, Oprah Magazine, and Working Mother. Named a “Top 100…

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Gantuya Tsevegdorj-Entrepreneur & Women Empowerment Advocate

Gantuya Tsevegdorj

Gantuya Tsevegdorj-Entrepreneur & Women Empowerment Advocate   Gantuya Tsevegdorj is an Entrepreneur and an accomplished public relations expert, with a distinguished career spanning twenty years in the private and public sectors. Originally from Mongolia, she has lived and worked in Italy for over twenty years. Currently, she has launched her digital branding platform intending to…

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Aleen Zakka – Founder of Net2work & Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing Expert

  Aleen Zakka – Founder of Net2work & Digital Marketing Expert   Aleen’s story began in 2005 when she discovered Facebook and was in awe of the significant potential such a platform could provide to its users. It was then that she decided she wanted to teach people about digital marketing and become successful doing…

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Mona AlHebsi – Hotelier, HR Expert, and Success Coach

Mona AlHebsi

  Mona AlHebsi is a thought leader, accomplished Hotelier, Human Resources expert, success coach, passionate author, and a multi-award winner in the field of HR, Hospitality, and Leadership. Born to a traditional Emirati family, Mona hails from the magnificent mountain area of Ras Al Khaimah – one of the seven cities in the United Arab…

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Abeer Saqer – CEO of Memorial International Patient Care Network

Abeer Saqer

  Over the past 25 years, Abeer Saqer has established a bridge between Houston’s thriving medical community to the Middle East and beyond, making the city’s advancements in medicine accessible to people around the globe. Abeer began her career at MD Anderson Cancer Center, where she established the first International Patient Center for service with…

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Amy Elmahalawy – Co-Founder & CMO At Vapulus

Amy Elmahalawy – Co-Founder & CMO At Vapulus   With almost 11 years of experience in the Media world that started back in 2007, Amy Elmahalawy left an executive post at one of the most prestigious Media agencies in Egypt and made a significant career shift. In 2019, Elmahalawy started as the CMO & Head…

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