Extreme Feminism: Why are Women Easily Offended Nowadays?

Extreme Feminism

  Extreme Feminism: Why are Women Easily Offended Nowadays?   I’ve heard it and so have you, “We get it, women don’t like it when you offend them today. This has to do with a lot of accumulation on topics related to their rights. But aren’t feminists getting a bit too triggered when you include…

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“You Don’t Have What It Takes To Start Your Own Business!”

Limiting Beliefs

“YOU DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS!” This is what my client’s brother told her when he found out she wanted to register her business. Her father laughed her off saying, “Since when do you succeed in anything?” Embarrassed and in doubt, she recounted these statements to me as she had…

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Dear Dad, I Want A Divorce!

dear dad

Dear Dad, I want a Divorce! Your little girl is sobbing! And for the first time she is bleeding on people. She has always been doing that behind closed doors…alone! This time, she couldn’t take it anymore. Some People are judging her, while others found a place to hold her and love her broken pieces,…

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Dear Mothers

Mothers' Day

On this special “Mothers’ Day 2020”, I salute all mothers, I appreciate their sacrifices and applaud their achievements! Being a working mother in the Lebanese Healthcare Sector is a challenge and a daily battle during this global pandemic of COVID-19; especially to the “war generation”; the women born in the 80’s. Women who have experienced war,…

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Dad…The Love I Craved So Bad!

Dad Love

Nah… They tell you many stories baby girl…but it is rare that they tell you the truth… See…if u know me…you must know by now that I have a very tough personality; I love digging into stuff; I don’t settle for what I hear, read, or see; I always dig and research into everything, including…

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A Letter to Fear


Dear Mr. Fear, I never thought I would muster up the courage to speak to you, but voilà… I know why you are here. You had been around me a lot in the past years. Popping up in different occasions, warning me to venture in new challenges, in new relationships. Kept me away from reaching…

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Parents of the 21st Century, I Admire Us!

21st Century Parents

Parents of the 21st century, I admire us! I admire how we survive the irony we live day by day. I admire our perseverance in attaining our goals. I admire that despite our fatigue and feebleness, we continue to smile and enjoy life. I admire our creativity and the pressure we have put upon ourselves…

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I Truly But Hope


Whatever it is you want from this world, I wish you’ll have it. We all want different things that are all the same one way or another—we just want to discover ourselves, experience life, and explore our own take on what’s deemed right or wrong. I hope that you’ll be able to do whatever it…

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Female Body Celebration by Esraa Zidan

Female Body Celebration

The first of her patch, Esraa studied arts at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Egypt and graduated in 2012, becoming a lecturer at the same faculty later on. She then pursued her Masters Degree on The Human Anatomy for artists and is currently working on her PHD, which is about “The unusual beauty proportions…

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My Paintbrush Forgot How to Paint

  My fingertips stroke the letters on the keyboard as my mind wanders into a million burning suns that once provided light: what have we come to? Politics was never a thing of interest for many reasons, chief amongst them is that reality never appealed to me. I’d rather paint pictures and recreate memories with…

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