Basma EL Zein, PhD, M.Eng. Solar Pioneer, SMIEEE, ASMEC


Dr. Basma El Zein is a senior member of IEEE, member of ACS, MRS, SPIE, ECS, IET, AUTM, AAAS, AASBC, ECS and Lebanese Engineering Syndicate. She graduated from the University of Lille, France with a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology Engineering with High Distinction for her research on Zinc Oxide Nanostructures for Photovoltaic Applications as well as a master’s degree from the Lebanese University, Lebanon in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Distinction.

This passionate business woman expanded her inspirational experience by holding many positions, of which the Director General of Governance and Sustainability Center, Dean of Scientific Research at UBT, research scientist at KAUST and many more. She is a reviewer for many international peer reviewed journals, the chair or co-chair and on committees of different international conferences.

Today, after 22 years of dedication to her career, this passionate lady built a valuable experience in the academic, research, renewable and economic development fields. Dr. ELZein, is the Director General of Techno-Valley, and the University of Business and Technology (UBT), in Saudi Arabia, the country where she was acknowledged for her remarkable contribution to the fields of research, teaching, community service, and industry. Furthermore, Dr. Basma is a grand Judge at Intel ISEF- USA, examiner at King Abdul Aziz city for science and Technology (KACST), and a well-known guest speaker at many international conferences on renewable energy and nanotechnology.

After years of research in the fields of Telecommunication, Artificial Intelligence, auto-control and auto command by programmable logic controllers, and Computer Vision, her current research interests are in Energy Conversion and Energy Storage, which aims to develop an eco-green Solar Cell with high efficiency and long durability. To expand her knowledge in the fild, she is exploring new materials such as kesterite, perovskite, and protein to be used as a light absorber for Solid State Sensitized Solar Cells, as well as Printed Metal Oxide Batteries.

In addition to all that, she published a textbook entitled “Nanostructured materials for Photovoltaic applications” as well as many other publications in this field in different international journals and has one patent filed in the USA related to materials for Solar Cells.

In terms of community service, Dr. El Zein is the Vice president of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace for scientific and Academic Affairs and the advisor to the president for the General Assembly issues. She is also mentoring and supervising Mawhiba Student (talented high school students) to conduct high quality research and to participate in national and international research and innovation competitions, where one of them won a special prize in Intel -ISEF in 2017 on her water treatment research project. She is as well, a Global Goodwill Ambassador.

In recognition of her various achievements, she was granted 2 funded research for her research on Nanomaterials for 3rd generation Solar Cells, and she received numerous awards, including a Special Recognition Medal from Harvard Business Council 2022, Women of Achievement in Energy from LEWAS 2021, Women of Influence Award by Global Excellence Award 2021, International Businesswomen award by Harvard Business Council 2021, Consulting management award in scientific research by CEO Today magazine 2020-2021, and Top Women professional 2020. Dr. Zein is consistent and passionate, always looking up to achieve a success after another.

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