Art.Cages…A Journey Towards Liberty

Art Cages

Art.Cages is the brainchild of Ruba el-Amine, a native of Lebanon who grew up between the Middle East and Europe. Having lived in two cultures raised her awareness to how some societies live more freely than others.

The need to promote the importance of liberating humans, animals, and nature from the physical and mental constraints of captivity became Ruba’s mission in 2008. Each of her unique pieces carried a powerful message: From a cage of captivity to a decorative Art.Cage! The slogan “Liberty over Captivity” was then born.

In 2016, Ruba left her full-time job to channel all her energies into creatingArt Cages a design-oriented social enterprise promoting the values she holds so
dearly. The following year, Art.Cages was formally established to spread the importance of “Liberty over Captivity” in local events.

Today, Art.Cages is globally expanding to raise awareness of liberty and kindness through its fundraising merchandise available in concept stores, online shops, and events. With every purchase from their product range, you will be helping them spread this message worldwide and contributing to charitable causes.

“Art.Cages is open for collaborations with artists, designers, and event organisers promoting a better way of life. Let’s connect and be part of a positively growing global community.. a journey toward Liberty!”


To know more about Ruba, visit this link, or click here to keep up with Art.Cages’ upcoming projects.

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