Are We All Princesses?

We are girls… women… but even so, we always like to think of ourselves as Princesses…

I may be wrong, and I can only speak for myself.

I do think of myself as a Princess.

I’m a Daydreamer. 

I still believe I deserve to be treated like a Princess.

Every little girl wishes to be cared for, craves for affection and attention.

Does it change that much as you grow up?

Is it not something you still crave for, even as a grown woman?

Some might say Princesses are fragile… well… aren’t we fragile when it comes to Love?

Don’t we get easily hurt if we’re not treated with respect, tenderness, caring, mindfulness? 

Don’t we love all those sweet words? Small thoughtful gestures that show us how appreciated we are?

And nevertheless, we are strong enough.

Being strong and sweet don’t need to collide at all. 

They should co-exist. 

Each context of life demands a different side of you.

You do need to be strong to live your life, to face everyday challenges.

To face stress at work, mean people, health issues, financial issues, family issues, heartbreaks… 

You need to be so strong… 

Even to hold your relationship through the hard times or to make a decision of letting it go.

So we are all very strong to handle everything… but in the end we are not made of steel.

We are real, made of fragile flesh and feelings. 

We are Body and Soul.

I believe in Balance…

It’s my favorite word – other than Love!

The balance between your Strength and your Softness makes you who you are.

What you choose to give to Who, When and Why, builds your Character.

I would even dare saying we are Warriors.

We endure jobs, households, social life, love life and any other everyday affairs. 

And you need to juggle it all in the air.

The amount of unrelated subjects we manage daily in our lives is endless. 

They consume your brain and many times reflect on your body. 

And you keep juggling everything as if you are perfect, wearing an invisible armor.

So, yes, I’m sure we are Warriors.

Oh wait… didn’t I just say we are Princesses?!

For me, Princess is not the same as “pretty little princess”.

It’s not the condescending version of it.

It’s the Princess-Warrior, it’s a growing Queen. 

She embraces her power, she chooses to be herself in a world deciding who she should be.

And if that means she is fragile sometimes… so be it.

If it means striping off the invisible armor sometimes… so be it. 


By, Sofia Santiago, Fitness-Industry Manager, Writer


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