Which of the artist or the light has surprised the other? The roles are reversed and now it’s the photo that seems on the move in front of the still viewer. The click captures the gesture on the fly and the intangible form crosses the dark paper like a curtain or a matrix, to be born to light in an alchemy between the visible and the invisible.

Anna Bondavalli’s lens, lit from the within, stands in a stasis of time where the gesture has been initiated before the click and will continue afterwards, drawing with traces of light the emotions in motion, imitating the functioning of the mind going through an internal struggle, trying to understand and comprehend, to explore and reveal the fragility and uncertainty of being, evolving above fear and confusion, loneliness and doubts.

The viewer is left thoughtful, in an in-between space of time where the pact is concluded between the interiority of the subject and her body of flesh. In the digital era, the jargon of photography takes on its full meaning. The “revealing bath” takes now place in the eye of the artist who delivers us a photosensitive work that imprints the surface of our skin.



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