Aneeqa Rana-Global Education Consultant

Aneeqa Rana

Aneeqa Rana-Global Education Consultant & eLearning Expert

Aneeqa is a Pakistani-born American woman with an eclectic background. She has spent about half of her life in the United States and a half living and working in the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, and Africa. She is a reflective, tenacious, life-long learner and a self-starter, with the unique ability to build bridges and connect across cultures. She is a design thinking practitioner, able to make essential connections and further people’s thinking. She helps educators look at their challenges from different perspectives to think differently.

Aneeqa is an accomplished entrepreneurial educator and program builder. She can take the germ of an idea to create effective and impactful action plans across sectors, communities, and boundaries. She has the unique ability to organize disparate and divergent thinking into coherent and compelling programs.

Aneeqa has been fortunate to experience education in all its forms for the privileged and underprivileged. She has founded after-school learning centers in Colorado Springs, Dubai, and Najaf and volunteered in India and Pakistan’s urban slum schools. She has researched education in rural Morocco and worked with educators globally to empower them to solve educational challenges. She has worked with parents who have devoted themselves to achieving better outcomes for their children. She worked with teachers who have dedicated themselves to their students and with students who have worked tirelessly to get an education. These experiences entrenched in her a deep commitment to education. She aspires to transform the PreK-12 education system into the 21st century.

Aneeqa is hopeful that the imposed education technology adoption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is propelling an education paradigm shift. She is confident that the wide adaptation of technology integration in the teaching and learning environment is an opportunity to transform PreK-12 education to deeper learning and develop pathways to skills development. The education system is at crossroads, with a chance to establish a ‘New Normal’ for education. Innovative solutions will help students be successful despite their learning deficits over the past couple of years.

In Aneeqa’s professional experience, she has led teams, defined a vision and roadmap, and cultivated learning communities committed to education innovation. The amalgamation of her years of research, study, and collaborations has resulted in her developing a blended modular 21st-century school/learning environment model. Learning happens in two parts – building core foundations and developing transformative competencies. The elements of success within this model would require education systems to reimagine the teaching and learning environment, eliminate subject silos, ubiquitously adopt education technology, and implement purposeful and accessible educator professional development with on-demand, continuous support. These aspirations may seem insurmountable but not impossible. Making education relevant for the future of work will require more than chipping away at an archaic educational system. Aneeqa believes that systemic leapfrogging challenges unite uniquely strategic efforts within a larger collective vision of transformation. She continues to direct her efforts to transform the PreK-12 education system.

Aneeqa has over 14 years of experience as an IT professional and 16 years as an education entrepreneur. She has a Bachelor’s and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Houston and a Master of Education in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


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