Amy Elmahalawy – Co-Founder & CMO At Vapulus


Amy Elmahalawy – Co-Founder & CMO At Vapulus


With almost 11 years of experience in the Media world that started back in 2007, Amy Elmahalawy left an executive post at one of the most prestigious Media agencies in Egypt and made a significant career shift.

In 2019, Elmahalawy started as the CMO & Head of Customer Success Department of Vapulus, an aspiring and promising regional payment gateway. After reaching a total growth of 742% growth in a single year in both customer acquisition and total processed payments, the feeling of the achievement was exhilarating, and a couple of months into joining the team, Amy knew that it was a long-awaited calling.

Co-Founding Vapulus Payments and heading the Marketing and the Customer Success Department was the hardest, most challenging decision Amy had to make as a woman in a male-dominated world. And women who reached the top are quite few and go unrecognized.

Subsequently, to Amy, leading two leading functions at a startup made it even more challenging and rewarding at the same time. Sleeping hours are much less, and the thought of Co-founding a startup is exciting in itself, especially when joining a dynamic and a focused legion of fighters.

Realizing that 93% of their leads, who are breaking the ceiling of online money-making in the region are in fact individuals – in contrary to the common belief – Amy, along with five carefully hand-picked warrior girls embarked on the initiative, which was later branded as Vapulus Startups.

Vapulus Startups is project that was built with the purpose to support, enable, and prepare founders to overcome real business obstacles, starting from incorporating a UK LTD. A global bank account to the match making of the newly sprouting startups with the right board members; coupling that with more than $200K perks offered by Google cloud, Zero, Amazon, Stack, Foundersuite and many more of the global tech players. The project was a hit from hour ZERO!


“It is amazing how much you can do good in the world with the right team.” Amy Elmahalawy


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