Aisha AlMaadeed, Qatari Entrepreneur

Aisha AlMaadeed is a young Qatari woman who is pursuing her studies, and dedicated since day one to raising awareness about the environment, leading people to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection.

As a result of her passion, she founded Greener Future, a youth initiative launched in 2018 with the goal of promoting the importance of the environment through innovative projects, in addition to teaching people how to live sustainably.

This successful lady believes in teamwork. Therefore, she would frequently collaborate and work hand-in-hand with different organizations to raise awareness about reducing the use of plastic.

Protecting the environment begins with pollution control; therefore, youth can contribute to waste reduction by paying attention to minor details in their daily lives. That’s why Aisha also focuses on training the youth by teaching them what environmentally friendly materials can be used as an alternative.

Finally, Aisha AlMaadeed is devoted to her mission, and she will never give up on her goal of raising awareness as much as possible for a better environment.


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