Adriana Meyer-Business Psychologist & Executive Coach


Business Psychologist

Adriana Meyer-Business Psychologist and Executive Coach-has over 20 years of experience ranging from the Aviation Industry to the Corporate World.

Having earned her Master of Science Degree from Heriot-Watt University (Dubai) in 2016, Adriana brings into the business and coaching consultancy her background and expertise to inspire, motivate and support executives, leaders, sales and senior management people across organizations to think and behave differently.

Adriana is an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Global and Doha Chapter, in Qatar and The Association for Business Psychology (ABP), in the UK.

Adriana’s passion for people has, undoubtedly, led her to focus her work on human interactions, personal and team development, change management, organizational culture, high performance, and leadership. Her first intent with coaching was for her personal development and professional growth. The positive outcomes she’d achieved has drove her, subsequently, to partner with her clients in exploring coaching in different contexts and industries across the globe.

As a Brazilian native, Adriana’s experience of living abroad as an expatriate for almost 13 years in four different countries-Brazil, UAE, Portugal, and Qatar-drove her to enhance her cultural awareness, communication skills, and empathy for others. Additionally, she is passionate about two areas of research: women’s career development and wellbeing at work.

Moreover, Adriana is committed to partnering with her clients to create a safe and supportive environment producing open coaching conversations to promote a shift in thinking, leading to a change in behavior.

Adriana’s ultimate goal is connecting with her clients, building trust and intimacy, being empathic and responsive to co-create and encourage them to achieve outcomes through a positive environment.

Finally, Female Wave of Change-a global movement that unites women changing the world into a better place-recently appointed Adriana as their Ambassador in Qatar, where she will be working closely with their team in the MENA region under the leadership of Roula Eid Sawan


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