Abla Sebak, with failure comes success


How did you start?

I’ve always put in the effort and time since I was 14 years old. I started my journey many years ago, and throughout the years, I have worked in every industry I can adapt to, including hospitality, marketing, contracting, business development, medical, sales, fashion and even franchising. I needed to hustle and that is exactly how it all started.


What can you tell us about your journey?

My journey was not so easy; it was hard, especially attending high school while working full-time and taking exams. I have failed many times and I still do, but with failure comes success. Being a woman also made things harder but I always looked past that and focused to prove that I can do it.


What are the main challenges that women must prepare to face when entering the business world?

Women have to prove themselves 100 times more than men, and time often runs against us as women. If you’re a mother, sister, daughter or wife, especially in the Arab world it’s difficult to maintain balance; we would break down in tears and become overly emotional because we will face challenges with other women more than men. Unfortunately, it’s definitely okay to cry but the next day comes stronger than ever.


What initiatives do you consider important to develop supporting startups?

Focus, time management, patience, common sense, and consistency are key, in addition to note-taking, targets and leadership skills.


What advise do you have for women entrepreneurs?

I advise women entrepreneurs to never give up especially during difficult times; keep pushing bit by bit, don’t let anyone get you down, put all the effort in what you love to do and everything will fall right in place.


Embrace the Empowerment