A Life You Deserve


What if the most constant fact about yourself is just a soap bubble, just an illusion you’ve believed for a long time? What if your personality, which you may think you inherited from your parents, is something that can be changed?


What if I told you that change is possible, and you can achieve it this year?


I was once in a dark place. In a tight box that I did not know I was stuck in. I assumed that this was the constant reality. The absolute truth. I did not choose my life. I did not choose many things. I was like a little wave in the sea driven by a powerful current to mysterious and vague place. I can only adjust and cope without a power over it!


My turning point was when I attended a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session. I didn’t know how it will end up, but I was ready to take a chance. I tried other solutions and tools in the past and the results were superficial and temporary. The focus was only on strengthening some external skills, and then I was back to where I was, back to scratch!


During the transformational session and through a deep meditation, I returned to my early childhood, to places that were forgotten! Through those scenes, I understood the root of the issue I had. I understood why I had those deep beliefs about myself and the world. I understood the deep pain and the reason for its presence in my life. When I understood all of that, I was able to breathe. I understood that I’m a grownup now. I’m an adult.  I was no longer stuck in that place. I was no longer that little girl.  And indeed, at the end of the session I felt lighter, like I got rid of something heavy. I became free, and I felt strong and full of life. It was like I got out of that tight box! And I got my power back. I realized that I have the power to make the choices and decisions in my life.


I was no longer the same person I was before the session. I became more confident, more comfortable, and enlightened. I then decided that this is my path.  This is my passion, which is to help others reach their own realizations and peace! I am now a successful RTT practitioner and transformational coach -RTC-. I help my clients to rediscover themselves, get past their pains, realize their dreams, and their ambitions.


It inspires me to see others coming to bright new beginning, reaching a pleasant, and more comfortable life.


It inspires me to help women get out of social anxiety’s shell into the freedom of high confidence and social happiness.


It inspires me when I see them living a life that they deserve.


Below is an experience of one of my clients. I convey it to you as I received it from her.




“ One week has passed since our transformational session together. Thank God, I feel as if I have switched off the engine of my constant thinking, which did nothing but hurt me and make me exhausted. I feel peaceful and satisfied with who I am.  As for the hair issue, constant thinking, regrets, anger, and psychological pain: It’s all gone! It feels like I have put out the fire that burnt in my heart for 41 years!  As if the fire has been put out by cold water! Thank God, I’m satisfied, and I accept my hair the way it is. Thank you, Coach Maryam, you were brilliant and creative. The session with you was joyful and different than other sessions I have tried before. Thank you, I’m very grateful”

What about you? Are you still stuck in that box, or have you already got out of it?


Maryam Abdulla

Transformational Coach & RTT practitioner




Embrace the Empowerment