Helene Khater Chammas, founder of Helene Pharma, is a Lebanese Health and Environmental consultant who worked with life insurance and pharmaceutical companies. An ardent community server specialized in the health care sector, she ultimately aims to achieve balance in social, economic and environmental sustainability through contributing in Policy Making Legislations. The goal is to improve the health system in Lebanon and be able to reach a point where all citizens have equal access to health care. Deeply involved in multiple law reforms, Helene believes that women need to take part in the political process and run for parliamentary & governmental positions: “Every woman has to always pursue her dreams, even if she doesn’t know where it might lead her, and never let fear stop her in doing more and breaking through barriers.” Helene Started “Grass roots”, a movement to raise the voice and send messages to international organizations, ahead of Covid-19 pandemic where health system was collapsing with no drastic solutions. Being a specialist in INNOV’ Health & AI Technology, she also co-founded the First electronic health care ROBOT in the Middle East, strongly believing that “The Future is in the use of artificial intelligence in pharma” that will enhance health care practices, and provide time for health care workers to focus on patient consultations rather than be submerged with administrative work. Helene and her team of engineers, who invented the robot, were also targeting to reduce the direct contact between infected patients and nurses. The primary work was to deliver the food and medicines to patients. The second use was leveraging innovation to build the gap between the quality of primary health care provided both in the public and private sector. She firmly thinks that the appliance of robots before the pandemic could have predicted the spread of Covid-19 and the world would have been more prepared to tackle and fight it. The use of Algorithms instead of human intelligence in pharma and biotech industry also has several benefits such as early diagnosis, minimizing diagnostic errors, decreasing medical malpractices, saving time which will ultimately lead to saving more lives. On another level, Helene is also encouraging the new cosmetic pharmacists to develop their own lines and she is doing her best in helping them get started. “I really admire the young ladies, new generation especially pharmacists, and I want to help them fulfill and satisfy their ambitions”. The blast of the 4th of august was a wakeup call to start searching for new changes in hope of a new Lebanon, Helene is convinced by the impact of the butterfly effect where small things matter in changing somebody’s life. Firmly Believing in the significant role of mothers in molding skills for future leaderships, Helene, a mom herself, finds mothers to be heroes who often postpone their own dreams, put on hold their careers, and endure an unsecure financial future, in order to raise their kids and help them fulfill their dreams. By consequence she encourages adding “mom” to the resume is an asset that should be considered when applying to jobs and trying to get back to the work market. It’s all about “Giving women the flexibility to fit work into their lives”, empowering them to achieve and grow through implementing certain favorable and just legislations. Driven by her passion for health and wellbeing, and her patriotic love, Helene’s aspiration is to continue to grow by always trying to make positive changes in people’s lives.