2020: The Year Of Clarity

2020 year of clarity

Sandi Saksena-Financial Advisor & Empowerment Mentor

What comes to my mind is eyesight, as in 20/20 being able to see clearly, even the finest print at the bottom of the optometrist chart. When the optometrist prescribes a new corrected ‘power’ and we put on our glasses or contact lenses, how do we feel?  No headache, no eye pain/irritation, and clear precise vision. Everything is sharper, brighter, clearer. We feel a sense of relief; a rise in confidence.

2020 is all about oneself: dedication, commitment, responsibility, and an enacting of a life plan that engages each one in the manifestation of our goals. We all need ‘correction’.  It is a year of leaping in and rising to the occasion. This is when we  courageously step up in the direction of our hearts. Be ready and willing to accept the invitation the challenge that 2020 is extending to you. Nowhere does this apply more to than our financial well-being, business, career, startups, relationships etc. Start with what’s not working, and ask yourself why.

We often blame circumstances around us, the economy,  the market, our bosses, colleagues, clients, spouse/partner etc. Most issues are related to one’s financial well-being, loans, credit cards, rising household expenses, family demands, expectations, outstanding payments, cancelled/delayed projects… The list is endless.

OK, so we can’t control world inflation, the slowing economy, fewer opportunities, slow job market. However, should we give in to depression, disappointment, frustration, and anger? Resign to another year of struggle and emotional lows?  OR, are we ready to take on, step in, step up, grab, or discard?  

Our one priority this year is to seize every opportunity we can get our hands on; be in acceptance and adapt to the new life that we are consciously choosing to live; Know what we want and where we want to be; leave the current version of ourselves in the past and embrace the much-needed revamp.

Financial stability…my Mantra

Make finance your personal focus; your situation, not what others are telling you to do. Don’t compare yourself to others. We are told we need to live a certain lifestyle because that’s how successful people live. Nonsense!

Shut out all the hullabaloo! Forget about keeping up with the who knows who. It doesn’t matter if your friends earn more money than you. What’s important is how much you have, and how you can use what you have to reach your goals.

Example: In retirement you will need less money… WHY? Because you will socialize less, travel less, shop less… In short, you will continue to slow down till you drop dead of old age. Really? I can safely say-as a sexagenarian- that I spend my money on looking and feeling good (health and wellness are a priority), traveling, going on adventures etc. I speak and attend conferences around the world, attend gala events, socialize, and network for business.

Alter your thinking, your habits, to what is best for YOU.

A spouse is not a plan and marriage is not the solution to financial security. Get smart about money, so you know your choices. It’s never too late to learn that being in the dark when it comes to money will be costly.


  • Divorce rates in many parts of the Arab world are incredibly high https://stepfeed.com/arab-countries-ranked-by-divorce-rates-1007
  • The laws of these countries do not favor the rights of women to receive proportionate financial support
  • It is essential for women to know and understand the law, and implement strategies to protect their financial well-being
  • Spouses who handle all of the finances during marriage have an advantage over those who do not. Awareness of all finances and the assets owned-as a couple-is not simply an option, it is a necessity
  • Know and understand the cost of everyday expenses, and what these might look like post-divorce. It is impossible to be fully confident that a divorce settlement is financially feasible without knowing how much money is being spent on a monthly basis and what the assets are.

Disability and death of a spouse

  • Can lead to depression and inability to think clearly
  • Ignorance and vulnerability. Chances of being cheated out of your assets and money are very high
  • Dependence on grown-up kids or family members for your welfare takes away self-respect and independence.

Single status -You are:

  • Responsible for you
  • Must have Critical Illness insurance
  • Personal savings and investment plan
  • Emergency fund.


“Wealthy people invest first and spend what’s left. Broke people spend first and invest what’s left”.


By, Sandy Saksena, Financial Advisor & Empowerment Mentor.


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