Souad Haddad

Souad Haddad is a Lebanese Artist with a Bachelor of Business Management from the University of Saint Joseph, Beirut and a Diploma in Event Management and Innovative Marketing from EMDI, Dubai certified by City & Guilds, London.

She has an extensive and diversified banking experience with a focus on Wealth Management and Capital Markets activities.

Her career as a banker supplemented her passion for painting. She believes that the act of painting is a therapy for the mind and soul; it creates a flow effect between the artist and the artwork.

Souad is a self-taught artist. She started her art journey with mixed media and acrylic paintings on canvas and wood painting cloth hangers, trays, mirrors, photo frames, boxes and cabinets. Eventually, she shifted her focus to modern acrylic paintings on canvas experimenting with different techniques to achieve the desired effect.

She is inspired by the beauty of life and its various aspects. She loves what she calls “feminine” paintings, featuring women and flowers as primary subjects.

The women she paints reflect inner beauty, strength, and elegance, embracing their femininity while also being empowered. Similarly, the flowers she uses in her work often represent delicate femininity and how it stands strong against adversity.

Through her artwork, Souad captures humanity and its complexities. She conveys a powerful message of female empowerment and strength while celebrating life’s softer side. She paints using bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors to celebrate life, love, and beauty.

Embrace the Empowerment