Dad…The Love I Craved So Bad!

Dad Love

Nah… They tell you many stories baby girl…but it is rare that they tell you the truth… See…if u know me…you must know by now that I have a very tough personality; I love digging into stuff; I don’t settle for what I hear, read, or see; I always dig and research into everything, including Read More

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I Truly But Hope


Whatever it is you want from this world, I wish you’ll have it. We all want different things that are all the same one way or another—we just want to discover ourselves, experience life, and explore our own take on what’s deemed right or wrong. I hope that you’ll be able to do whatever it Read More

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The Rose with No Roots


The garden danced to the cold morning breeze It had roses that never ceased  To bring much joy To whoever dared to look For the breeze was possessive Like snow Looking pure yet aggressive In stripping away warmth   The rose frowned, shook, As the breeze caressed its furrow Upon her gentle petals filled with Read More

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